C.S.A. Masston D.B.B. (Secretary of the Board of Lectureship, Holland Section) [= Wybo Meyer]
Menno ter Braak

27 februari 1925


By kindness we read your article ‘Europa voor de Europeanen!’ in your student's weekly. Though being quite sure, this article is a very obvious one to dispute, we won't do so, because you are only a very young man, who has no opinion, that means, no common sense about things, of what you are writing.

We are also quite sure, that meeting with more, especially with Christian American people, you will be able to make your detested brain more saint.

For giving you this chance, we send you enclosed this here card, and we sincerely hope, you'll be kind enough as to comply with our invitation.

As seen from the view of journalists, your article was not so very bad. We dare say, if you would have some desire for it, we can send you a tip for one of our leading weekly's, and you'll make a great deal of money with it.

Expecting to meet you, on the 10th of March we remain,

Sir, yours faithfully

C.S.A. Masston D.B.B.

Origineel: Den Haag, Letterkundig Museum

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